Recently I wanted to host my ASP.Net MVC application which runs with MySql in the backend. Since I am new to MySQL and, it was a little difficult for me to search for the right things for hosting a web application with database.
After some googling with no help decided to write my very first technical blog explaining the steps so that someone will find this helpful. :)
I am deliberately not giving links, so that you can be better googlers.. :) Take hints from the blog and search for the downloads.Thanks to Edwin for helping me in MySql. This is what I did.

-Copy the necessary files and folders into the wwwroot folder in the hosting machine.
-In IIS -> convert folder to application -> right click -> convert application.

Run it. -> Boom you will obviously get an error. 
.Net data provider may not be installed. 
- To work around this you can do 2 things,    -Either install the connector in the host machine or    -Copy the connector dll to the application path. 

-Check this in the machine.config file. If this is not there add it.
    - There has to be a entry under <> <DbProviderFactories>        <add name="MySQL Data Provider" invariant="MySql.Data.MySqlClient" description=".Net Framework Data Provider for MySQL" /></DbProviderFactories>

-In the application web.config file give the connectionstring with the correct credentials.
<add name="entities" connectionString="provider=MySql.Data.MySqlClient;provider connection string=&quot;server=mysqlhostname;User Id=root;database=databasename&quot;" providerName="System.Data.EntityClient"/>

Now, run it. You will get an error saying that your host machine is not allowed to access the database.

The reason is, you have not given grant permission for the databases. So not go to mysql and grant the permission for the host machine.

-use root to login to mySql
-update the db table in 'mysql' database. "db" is a table in "mysql" database. This sets the permissions on who can access the tables.
   -Insert the values in db table.
insert into db values ('host machine name','database name','used name','y','y','y','y','y','y','y','y','y','y','y','y','y','y','y','y','y'); 
   - 'y' - are the privilages you give for the host. Put a 'desc' on the db table to list all the columns.

Now try running the application. Hurrah..!! It works. :)

Thats all. Hope someone finds this useful.


Yesterday night I and Rosy went for harry potter 7 part 2...! :)
Not thrilling as I expected but none the less a good movie.. especially if u r a Harry Potter fan. I am sure one of them. :)

The 3D was awesome.. especially the spells of protecting Hogwarts and you-know-who destroying it.. Awesome graphics...

The end could have been a little better, was more abrupt I thought... 

All in all a good movie.. I am not disappointed.. :) 

I had an incident in my street this morning. A car in my street was parked in the middle of the road. My house was just 3 blocks away. When I asked the driver to move he bluntly said "turn around and go I wont move". And the owner of the car came and started quarreling with me as if I did something wrong. He was soo enraged (a stupid elder, I have no respect for that guy) that he picked up a stone and wanted to hit me... My wife and my 2yr old daughter was inside the car. I was just asking them to move the car to a side so that I can go on. I just got out of the car gave that guy a angry stare he just backed out. Shouting some stupid things and went away. Such people should be put in jail, its just simple as that. Common people like us back away always. I get all worked up when such things happen. But, then again fighting with these apes are of no use, we just have to put our mind into it act accordingly...   

Rosy is back home..! She will go for the post treatment from Velachery.
The massages and the physio are going on.. and there is improvement in her walking. 
She is coping up very well... 

Good news..! Rosy was discharged yesterday. It was a big day in every sense.. 
As one of of friends pointed out. God is good.. He is good all the time... 

Thanks everyone for ur prayers and support. She is undergoing the post treatment.
Saturday night rosy finished the IVIG course. She is now almost normal. Praise God. Today she stood in 1 leg, stood on her heals and toes walked a long time. She gets tired soon but then that would be rectified by physio and vitamins i guess. 

Thank you all for you prayers and well wishes. Truly appreciate it. 
She is still in hospital. Will be there for another 3 days for post-IVIG treatment.  She will go through an ayruvedic kind of therapy for 14 days. 

Today morning to everyone's joy, Rosy got up from the bed got down and walked around the bed and back all by herself.. Praise God. 

The medicine is definitely working. 

4th set is on now. Doctor's have told she can get be discharged by Monday. After 2 days of observation.

Continue to pray for her.. especially for the medicine to sustain this boost and not to drop again.

Thanks for all your prays. God is working wonders.. 

She is in ICU 1st dose of IVIG is over. After the 2nd dose which will be over by 8-8.30 pm tonight she will be back to room F-214. No reactions till now on her, due the dose. Praise God for that.
Progress will be known only after a 3-4 doses.
Rosy is given IVIG 1st dose today. It will be given for 5 days.
She will be in ICU for a day then will be back to the room. BTW she is in Isabel hospital, Chennai.

Rosy's condition, is a mixture of CIDP,

She was admitted in Isabel hospital yesterday under Dr. E.S. Krisnamoorthy.