A virus is always dangerous in every sense... it is meant to destroy us in someway or the other. 

I am going to talk about a diesese that affected my wife (She is still recovering). 

It was about 3 months ago that my wife got affected with a virus (we were on a trip to Wayanad). My wife complained after coming here to Chennai that she was having slight fever and that she was not able to walk normally since her limbs were weak. Obviously, I thought and told her that she was not taking proper food. Even she assumed the same and started eating a lot more than normal. After some days the fever subsided and went off but her weakness in her limbs was there to haunt her, and haunt it did. She started complaining daily about her inability to walk the stairs and lift our 1 1/2 year old daughter. But, still we ignored assuming it will get normal once she has nutritious food. Somedays past then she decided to goto the gym near by (near vijaya nagar bus stop). We paid for 3 months and she started to goto the gym. Initially it was ok, but after sometime she started complaining that she couldn't lift even small weights (1-2 kg). 

As time passed, the problem became worse, worse to the point that she couldn't climb the stairs, couldn't lift anything, couldn't brush her teeth, couldn't tie her hair band, couldn't even eat (she would struggle to bring her hands near her mouth). 

By this time it struck us that it is not mere weakness but something different. We consulted 2-3 doctors and all suggested general weakness and gave vitamins supplementaries and told her to eat well... But still, no improvement. My uncle (a Doctor) suggested we consult a neurologist. We went to a local neurologist in Xcellent care hospital. The main doctor was not available, so a stand-in doctor suggested we do a MRI. The result was fortunately normal, no problem in spine and the brain region. For some reason, we didn't have full confidence in him and started enquiring about other neurologists. 

One of my ex-colleague, suggested doctor Dr. Krishnamurthy Srinivas (VHS hospital,  Adyar) who is a very senior and a leading  neurologist. He fixes appointment himself and sees very limited patients (he is 79 by the way) http://www.newstodaynet.com/col.php?section=20&catid=33&id=20928. 

We went to VHS and met him, told the problem and gave him the report. He just rubbished the MRI scan saying all doctors as usual do the same thing (7500 was gone... :( ). But, I was a little relieved (more confident) because he seem to know what had to be done. All this time my wife was getting worse day by day almost bedridden. She could barely walk, she became depressed and was uf..! horrible situation to be in.  

The doctor prescribed some test to be taken. One test was a shock treatment in the limbs to test the tinge in the nerves. The technician would keep some device in her legs and her legs would jump on a pulse of electricity, my wife told. Then some reading would be generated in the computer and a software takes the data . She told it was painful. During the test the current was fluctuating so it was stopped (my wife had to undergo the test again). I asked the technician after the he gave me result, was it positive. He told this.. " What would happen if you go in a car at 50 kms and suddenly ur can't go more than 15 kms" this is what has happened to her. I knew this was a serious problem. We went to the doctor after the tests. He suggested another test called LP (Lamba puncture).  The would require some fluid to be taken from the my wife's spine. Finally, the test showed some results and it was a VIRAL INFECTION IN THE NERVOUS SYSTEM which damaged the nerves in the limbs. For me it a relieve because at least it the problem was diagnosed. But for my wife, it was getting worse. Post LP, she had very severe headache. When I mean severe it was so severe that she couldn't even get up. When get up she would complain of unbearable pain. Normally, the docs told it would last for 2 days but for her continued the 3rd day 4th day (Apparently the treatment for post LP was to take full bed rest and lying down down flat without pillows). So the next day, I took to my relative's house where there would be no disturbance. After just one day there the pain went away much to the joy of all. 

So we again went to the doctor, finally he started the treatment which was again vitamins (we were even frustrated because after suffering through all the pain because of LP no exact treatment for the viral infection but treatment was only for the symptoms). But, what if it was found in the LP test and something was affected in the brain was the doctors stern reply. 

Along with vitamins, now my wife is undergoing physiotherapy treatment. The Dr told us 10 days, so we thought it would be better half way stage. But, to our disappointment nothing changed, rather my wife told it has only worsened. I asked why she was got worse. The reply from the physio was that because of LP and post LP her body had become weak again. 

Current situation, she still is unable to climb the stairs nor for that matter comb her hair or brush her teeth. She is very weak in the morning but after the therapy she become more stronger. When will she be back to normal? Nervous problem takes a long time to get healed, the doctors have told 1 1/2 - 2 months but the physio said 3. We are keeping our fingers crossed and not loosing hope. (We are going to the physio everyday).

Many things run through your mind when such things happen in life. Only love and care can make the sufferer feel at home and not get depressed. Its been a testing time for us but God has been gracious enough to be with us through out this period. 

We only hope that things will be better in the future (My wife has to do physiotherapy 3 times a day for the next 2 months to be back to normal). 


We are learning our lesson the hard way, but I wouldn't want others to go through this. Especially to a woman. It has a devastating effect on the body, mind and soul. Nothing is more important that health. Dr. Krisnamurthy said in one of our many consultation we went...  "we need 2 things in life to be successful HEALTH AND LUCK".

Posting this in the interest of all, so that simple things are not left unattended in life.  

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